Terms and Conditions


Terms of use are some conditions which are applicable to the users in the electronic form.
The user has to assume that by registering to our website and using our services for
e-commerce, the user agrees fully to our terms of service.


  Services Offered

We offer a number of services through our platform. Our objective remains to cater to our
customers through a range of products in our jackets, shirts, hoodies, caps and great range
of racing based products. These products offered are true to the knowledge and can be
purchased from the various payment options which are mentioned on the website.

  Transaction And Communication

We offer all our products on display on the price that are mentioned. We are not responsible
for any information which is provided by the third parties to each other. Nor do we endorse
any third party dealings outside of the website. The information that we provide is for the
convenience of the user.
User Conduct And Rules For Platform
The users must agree to the conduct on the website in a certain way. The users on our
website must not misrepresent the information on our website which :
● Belongs to other person and you have no right to
● Blaming someone, harassing somebody,information which is hateful, pornogrpahic
or obscene
● Junk mail
● Promotes illegal activities

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