Subaru Logo Vest Black and Pink Front




  • Subaru Vest Pink with logos and emblems embroidered on the front and back and the two shoulders we use the best embroidery 
  • Vests have thick, clean embroidery not stencil or silk-screening 
  • On every orderFREEworldwide shipping to any country (shipping is included)
  • Each vest, jacket or shirt is customizable you can get your name or logo embroidered onto the item
  • Full right hand pull, front zip with USA standard ( YKKzippers) are used on all our Vests and Vests
  • Water proof by use of microfiber outside shell and small standing collar
  • Vests has two hand warmer pockets and one wallet zippered pocket inside for your safety 
  • Shell Material is made of microfiber to withstand water and make a good windbreaker
  • All our Vests and Vests are fully lined with satin lining
  • Padding is standard holds nice to your body
  • Sizes are  XS-5XL and kid’s sizes also if you need something special please email us on our website
  • NASACR Vests are great collector’s items. 
  • We ship your item out fast with express shipping. Nascar racing Vests get your fix today.
Now We Provide Free Worldwide Shipping, Get Your Item :: 7 to 10 days in USA, 10 to 12 days in Europe, 7 to 12 days in Asia.           Now We Provide Ykk Zippers With Jackets.